Criminal Defence

Are you facing a criminal law charge? We understand it is a stressful time and will show you compassion together with providing you expert legal advice and guidance. 

Local lawyers with knowledge of the courts.

We’re local to the Darling Downs and we’ve spent years establishing and nurturing relationships throughout courts in Dalby, Warwick, Toowoomba and the surrounds. This allows us to provide you with a higher standard of legal support and guidance.

Whether you are charged with a minor violation or a very public, high profile case, we will treat each and every case we work on with the same level of effort and professionalism. 

We bring our A-game to every single case.

Lawyer reading a legally binding contract with a gavel, weights of justice and books on the desk.
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Criminal Law Experts

If you have been charged with a criminal offence you will want to partner with experienced criminal lawyers who’ve worked across a range of cases. We exclusively practice in criminal law and our breadth of experience in this area allows us to take a dynamic and pro-active approach to reviewing evidence, running trials and negotiating charges.

Our experience also allows us to set clear expectations for you based on our previous knowledge of cases. This also allows us to provide you with tailored, professional and clear advice that you can understand — always prioritizing transparency, regardless of the outcome. 

We offer a 24/7 line of contact and will be there for you throughout the process – guiding you, advising you and helping you.

Lawyer and client having a consultation with a gavel in front of them on table.

The lowest level charge or a high profile case - we treat every case with the same attention and effort.

A minor violation or a very public, high profile case — we treat each and every case we work on with the same level of effort and professionalism. We bring our A-game to every single case.

Why choose Skuse Graham?

Around the clock support

Criminal defence matters don’t wait for business hours. We have lawyers on call for you 24/7, so there’s always someone ready to help.

Fixed Fees & Funding

We believe legal representation should be accessible. So, we provide fixed fee quotes and support clients seeking Legal Aid funding.

Seriously experienced lawyers

Our lawyers have worked in criminal defence since 1987 and have succeeded in a number of high profile cases.

Transparent advice

You need lawyers you can trust to deliver straightforward, honest advice. We’re transparent with you, even when it’s hard.

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criminal lawyer.

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