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Are you facing a traffic charge? 

Traffic offences can have serious consequences. While license disqualifications and fines in the thousands of dollars can seem harsh, some offenders face the possibility of imprisonment. Our traffic lawyers bring a great deal of experience and negotiating power. Our traffic lawyer will sit down with you, so he or she can give you advice based on the circumstances of the offence.

Your license is your livelihood and freedom. Our lawyers work to keep it for you.

The benefit of legal representation is multifold. We are experts in our field which means we know how to present information to the Court in the most favorable way to you. Court can be overwhelming for those not accustomed to its processes and the Magistrates and Judges can be intimidating. Often, this can mean you are unable to tell the court everything you had wanted to and it may mean you do not get your desired outcome. 

Our legal representation is focused on the best outcomes for you.

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DUI Lawyer, Drug Driving Lawyer & Driving Offences

Drink and drug driving can have extremely serious repercussions, with different outcomes depending on how far over the legal limit you were and what type of licence you hold. Disqualification periods can range from one month to in excess of 2 years if cumulative periods are imposed. But more seriously it can lead to jail time. Our DUI lawyers, and in particular our drink driving lawyer and drug driving lawyer, will provide representation that will get you back in a motor vehicle as soon as possible. 

It is crucial that you obtain legal advice about your drug or drink driving charge, before you go to Court.  In some circumstances, you may be eligible for a work licence which will keep you driving for employment purposes.

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Speeding Offences

Speeding offences can result in a suspended license depending on the severity of the charge. If you have lost too many demerit points, are charged while on a Good Driving Behaviour period, or if you’ve exceeded the speed limit by more than 40 km/hr you should contact a lawyer. 

Our traffic lawyers can help you stay on the road by offering assistance and guidance with applications for Special hardship licences or help present mitigating features in court that will help keep any disqualification period to a minimum.

Dangerous Driving Lawyer & Dangerous Driving Offences

Dangerous driving offences are some of the most serious traffic related charges and are in fact an offence under the Queensland Criminal Code.  

At Skuse Graham Criminal Lawyers you get an experienced lawyer who not only supports you through the court process but understands the severity of the offence and its consequences. We will examine the circumstances of the driving and provide you with accurate, practical and compassionate advice as to how to proceed. Where possible, we can assist you to negotiate the charge to a much lesser penalty (such as drive without due care and attention) or take the matter to trial if you believe you were not at fault.

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Unlicensed and Disqualified Driving Offences

Unlicensed driving can become quite a serious matter. 

In Queensland, you are an unlicensed driver if you have never held a driving licence, you do not hold the class of lincence for the vehicle you are driving, your licence has been suspended or your licence has expired. These are just a few of the reasons why you can be charged with unlicenced driving.

A disqualified driver is a person who has had their authority to drive disqualified by a Court order.  The mandatory minimum licence disqualification for disqualified driving is 2 years.  Cars can be impounded which can be a considerable expense or sanction to a family or individual.

It’s vital that you seek the advice of traffic offense lawyers because of the variation of the sentences. You may think you know what penalties you face, but when in court the reality of the situation can hit home and cost you dearly. 

Our traffic lawyers are experienced in negotiating favourable outcomes for these offences and we can help mitigate the impact of these types of offences.

We can prepare the following applications for you:

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Experienced & knowledgeable local traffic lawyers.

We’re well-positioned to provide legal support in the Darling Downs. Having lived and worked across Dalby, Warwick and Toowoomba for decades, we have positive relationships within the courts and industry.

Why choose Skuse Graham for your traffic offence in Toowoomba, Ipswich, or Dalby?

Around the clock support

Criminal defence matters don't wait for business hours. We have lawyers on call for you 24/7, so there's always someone ready to help. The circumstance of your alleged traffic offence doesn't happen in working hours. So you need a traffic infringement lawyer who is available to give you advice when you need it.

Fixed Fees & Funding

We believe legal representation should be accessible. So, we provide fixed fee quotes and support clients seeking Legal Aid funding. Traffic offences can cost a great deal of time in court, money in fines and ultimately the traffic penalties can cost your livelihood. At Skuse Graham we charge a fixed fee so you get a law firm working for you.

Seriously experienced lawyers

Our lawyers have worked in criminal defence since 1987 and have succeeded in a number of high-profile cases. We have experience and the respect in courts across south-east Queensland from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. When you are facing a complex traffic offence you need a lawyer who has the experience to know your situation and has defended similar action before. You are not the first to break traffic laws so lean on our experience to get the best outcomes for you.

Transparent advice

You need a traffic infringement lawyer you can trust to deliver straightforward, honest advice. We're transparent with you, even when it's hard. Because our reputation relied on giving you accurate advice. It's why we are some of the most trusted traffic lawyers in Toowoomba, Warwick, Dalby and the greater Darling Downs region.

Suzie Mathie
Suzie Mathie
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"I engaged Skuse Graham to represent my son Seth for a drink driving charge. They had the matter finalised quickly but most importantly got him a great outcome, prioritised his work commitments and showed compassion for his mistake. They may have given him a lecture about his behaviour but he is now getting the help he needs. I am so grateful to Skuse Graham for their professionalism, support and guidance throughout the process."

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